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Dear Valued Customer,

Crown Data Systems has completed the transition from their Crown Connect 2 shipment tracking website over to the newly released Crown Connect 3 tracking website. Within the next few weeks, you will no longer be able to sign into Crown Connect 2. You will need to activate your account on the new Crown Connect 3 platform in order to keep accessing our shipment data.

You can learn about the new Crown Connect 3 site here:

If you would like to register with Crown Connect 3 through California Sierra Express, please send a request to INFO@calsierraexpress.com. Please note, Crown Connect 3 access is assigned per individual email address.

Once you have your account created, access CC3 at:


Per Crown Data Systems, Crown Connect 3 is a more secure and reliable shipment tracking site. This will also allow you to connect with multiple carriers utilizing Crown Data Systems under your individual login.